iCulture Today: this was Monday September 13, 2021


On the day before the event, we'll look ahead to what might be announced and, above all, what hasn't been revealed yet. For example, we list some postponed iPhone 13 functions that you have to wait a few more years for and you can read the latest rumors about the storage capacity of the iPhone 13. Apple also released many new software updates. Not iOS 15, but wél iOS 14.8! That and more in this iCulture Today!

News & Opinion

  • Some iPhone 13 features have been delayed or simply won't be available until much later iPhones.
  • T-Mobile stops data-free music and increases the data bundles.
  • How is the battery condition of your iPhone 12, about a year after its release?
  • We show you how to prepare for installing iOS 15, as the update is coming soon.
  • Apple released iOS 14.8 today, along with iPadOS 14.8.
  • WatchOS 7.6.2 was also released today.
  • And there's more: macOS Big Sur 11.6 is also out, along with a security update for macOS Catalina.
  • We have fresh new AirPods 3 rumors waiting for you, for example about the AirPods 3 release!
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  • The sources also have something to say about the release of the 2021 MacBook Pros.
  • How much storage is in the iPhone 13 models according to the latest rumours?
  • < li>After tomorrow's event, we're not done yet, because Apple will be organizing more events this fall. The second event may be about iPads and Mac.


  • These are the best iTunes and App Store deals of the week.
  • Looking for the cheapest AirPods? Here you will find all AirPods offers.
  • We've listed the best Apple Watch offers, so you can be sure that you don't pay too much for the latest models.
  • These are the This week's best iPhone deals.

Tips & Tutorials

  • We'll show you how to take photos and videos with the Clips app.
  • How does Apple prevent stalking with the AirTag?

Accessories and devices

  • More and more HomeKit door locks are becoming available.


These updates wanted let's not pass unnoticed:

  • Deezer – Music & Podcasts (Free, iPhone/iPad/Watch + IAP, iOS 12.0+) – The new radio icon lets you watch the most popular radios from the country.

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