Humiliated for six hours – convicted himself of incitement against ethnic group


Published 14 September 2021 at 08.18

Domestic. Kenny Friberg, 21, was robbed and humiliated by an immigrant gang for six hours. Among other things, he had a pistol pressed into his mouth and a cola bottle run up his ass. Afterwards, Kenny was convicted of “inciting” the perpetrators when they sat and laughed at him in the courtroom.

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It is Kvällsposten that writes about the bestial rape robbery against Kenny Friberg in Malmö.

After six hours of torture – which was filmed and posted on social media – he finally managed to escape through to jump in the Malmö canal.

Kenny was completely shattered when the rescue service pulled him out of the canal, writes Kvällsposten.

He was convinced that he would die and during the torture managed to send a text message to his mother that he loved her.

Afterwards, the humiliation continued – via the Swedish legal system. The perpetrators were soon out again and continued to commit similar crimes.

During the trial, the accused sat and laughed out loud when the films from the abuse were played. No action against the behavior.

Kenny then stood up, made a Hitler salute to the immigrants and shouted “Sieg Heil” twice.

– The fastest way I could come up with to offend them was to do as I did, in the heat of battle. I wanted them to take it badly, he says to Kvällposten.

The immigrants reacted aggressively to this and had to be detained. The trial had to be interrupted.

Already on the same day, Kenny Friberg himself was charged with “incitement against ethnic groups” – and was later convicted of the crime of opinion, writes Kvällposten.

One of the humiliation robbers, who today is 20 , has just been released from prison after being convicted of a similar brutal humiliation robbery against another man. After a week or so, he was arrested again for new crimes.

The other, who is now 21 years old, was acquitted of the humiliation robbery against Kenny due to lack of evidence. He is currently in prison for stabbing a young man in the chest.

The third, older man, was also acquitted of the humiliation robbery. He is dead today – he was shot dead in the open street two years after the abuse of Kenny and turned 25, writes Kvällsposten.