Geotab & quot; Cold Chain & quot ;: telematic solution for refrigerated transport


Geotab , one of the most; important companies in the field of IoT and connected vehicles, has developed a new solution dedicated to those who manage fleets of commercial vehicles . In particular, the company & agrave; announced & quot; Cold Chain & quot ;, a solution that provides temperature control and monitoring for refrigerated vehicles in near real time. All companies operating in the transport and logistics sectors will be able to resort to this new solution that will be able to find as a new Add-in on the MyGeotab platform .

Cold Chain, highlights Geotab, helps to ensure compliance; the international regulatory requirements on temperature, as well as & eacute; optimal storage for the delivery of goods such as food and pharmaceuticals, including vaccines.

HOW IT WORKS 39 Add-in enables bidirectional communication between the fleet manager and the unit & agrave; refrigeration, allowing you to send commands and analyze almost in real time any problem related to refrigeration that may occur along the way. Remote diagnostics and all the insights provided by Geotab allow companies to keep the fleet in operation, as they provide timely and detailed information on the vehicle's status and any engine system failures. They also allow you to create proof of delivery for your customers.

Thanks to the new Add-in, fleet managers can take advantage of more data. that also help reduce waste by ensuring that goods are kept at the correct temperature during travel, for transport in a more environmentally friendly environment. Safe. Geotab also adds that Cold Chain & egrave; was designed and developed in particular for deliveries of the last mile , that is; for freight transportation from logistics hub to final destination. The pandemic has in fact resulted in an increase in last mile deliveries that will probably persist.

The operators have the responsibility; to ensure that the products are transported in the most appropriate way; as quickly and efficiently as possible, and in optimal conditions. According to data from research conducted in 2021 by Berg Insight, the ideal temperature for most products (drugs, blood, etc.) varies between 2 & deg; and 8 & deg; C, but there are exceptions that & egrave; it is essential to be able to control properly.

The Cold Chain Add-In also represents a strategic complement to the Geotab Truck solution for Europe, launched last year. By connecting the fleets of heavy vehicles to one of the most important telematic hubs; advanced to the market, the Geotab Truck solution for Europe provides companies with access to an open, fully customizable and data-driven platform that helps meet the evolving needs of HGV fleet managers in Europe . Stefano Peduzzi , Vice President, Technology Solutions and Operations Europe, Geotab, commented:

The last 12 months have seen an increase in demand for deliveries from the company. last mile for many types of products, including food and pharmaceuticals, accelerated by the pandemic. In this sense, last mile deliveries have become an area that has attracted the attention of the sector. Transporting perishable goods has always been a challenge, and there are many regulations to be met when transporting the product. Geotab now offers a complete solution that goes beyond compliance, offering fleet managers and drivers access to near real-time data to help them optimize their processes and increase safety.

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