Electric car and plug-in incentives: starting tomorrow 14 September


From tomorrow, September 14 , incentives for electric and Plug-in cars will be available again. As we know, at the end of August the funds for the Ecobonus dedicated to these cars had been exhausted. In reality, in July, the Government had refinanced the fund of 60 million euros . However, this money had ended up in the Extrabonus, the one that allows you to have up to 2,000 euros of additional discount (plus the seller's discount).

The problem was that due to an interpretation, the Extrabonus funds could not be used with the spent Ecobonus. This meant the stop to incentives for these cars. Fortunately, the Government & egrave; intervened quickly and through the Infrastructures decree he managed to transfer the approximately 57 million euro residual of the Extrabonus to the fund dedicated to the Ecobonus.

However, only the timing of the availability of funds. In fact, last Saturday, the Infrastructure decree came into force with its publication in the Official Gazette. However, the Extrabonus funds have not yet been transferred. However, the MISE, through a note, has made it known that from tomorrow they will finally be relocated and therefore it will be possible; go back to booking incentives .

From 14 September 2021 it will be; Incentives for the purchase of vehicles with 0-60g/km CO2 emissions can be booked on the www.ecobonus.mise.gov.it platform. With the Infrastructure decree, 57 million euros were reallocated to the fund that provides eco-bonuses of up to 6,000 euros for the purchase of low-emission cars. These are resources initially allocated for the extra-bonus with the conversion law of the Sostegni bis decree. Furthermore, the deadlines for the completion of reservations in progress for vehicles of category M1, M1 special, N1 and L have been extended: for those entered on the platform from 1 January to 30 June 2021 it will be; possible until 31 December 2021 while for those inserted from 1 July to 31 December 2021 until 30 June 2022.


The return of incentives & egrave; certainly positive to push the spread of electric and plug-ins, especially at a time when the car market is; in trouble. However, the transfer of funds means that the Extrabonus will not be; more available. Translated, from tomorrow through the Ecobonus it will be; it is possible to have an incentive of up to 6 thousand euros and no longer; up to 10 thousand euros. Obviously, for more & ugrave; parties it is hoped that the Government will intervene to make the Ecobonus structural to adequately support the auto sector.

Let's see, therefore, what will be, from now on, the new contributions for the purchase of electric and plug-ins.

  • 0-20 g/km CO2 with scrapping: 6,000 euros
  • 0-20 g/km CO2 without scrapping: 4,000 euros
  • 21-60 g/km CO2 with scrapping: 2,500 euros
  • 21-60 g/km CO2 without scrapping: 1,500 euros

Nothing changes , on the other hand, for the 61-135 g/km of CO2 range.

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