Raped his daughter: “Thought it was my wife”


Published 13 September 2021 at 16.16

Domestic. A 47-year-old Syrian in Malmö has been sentenced to prison and deportation after raping his daughter. He defended himself by believing that his daughter was his wife.

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In the afternoon of April 6, 2021, the 17-year-old daughter was called by her mother who asked her to wake up the father because he had time to fit in.

When she came in in the bedroom he asked her to come and lie down next to him and wake him up every five minutes. Without saying anything, he began to hug her, touch her body and take off her underwear.

He then explained to his daughter that he would penetrate her anal so that he did not “destroy her virginity”. He then raped her in this way for about ten minutes. Afterwards, he said that she had to go and wash herself “for religious reasons” and because he did not want to have her with children.

The man defends himself by saying that his morning medicine consists of alvedon, diclofenac and two tablets of tramadol. In addition, he smoked hashish. He states that he was dizzy and that he perceived it as if it was his wife who came into the bedroom.

He says that he does not remember anything except that someone started seducing him and that he felt he had to “fulfill his duty as a husband”.

– I do not know if my daughter raped me or if I raped my daughter. If I had been in the full use of my senses, I would not have been able to do such a thing, he said. petty drug offense. He must also pay SEK 170,000 in damages to his daughter.