Hyundai thinks of small electric on the E-GMP platform


At the Munich Motor Show, Hyundai brought the IONIQ 5 robotaxi and once again showed the Prophecy concept car, the basis of the future IONIQ 6 electric that debut & agrave; Next year. From the Salone comes another novelty now. Speaking with Automotive News Europe, Thomas Schemera , global marketing manager for the Korean brand, hinted that the company is considering whether to offer more battery-powered cars; small always with the IONIQ brand .

Models that would all rely on the E-GMP platform . Since the manufacturer uses numbers to identify the dimensions of its new electric, these vehicles could be called IONIQ 2, IONIQ 3 or IONIQ 4. Among these possible future battery cars there could also be the heir to the current one. Kona Electric (have a look HERE) which is having a good success in terms of sales. Schemera, however, cannot; confirm this possibility, limiting himself to affirming, however, that it is; likely.

The current Kona Electric shares the same base as the endothermic model. This means that the future new generation, if it really will be; based on the E-GMP platform, it could be profoundly different. For Hyundai, the battery version of the Kona & egrave; very important. In this regard, in the first 6 months of the year, the electric crossover is; been registered in Europe in 21,802 units & agrave; so much so that it ranks fifth among the most electric cars; sold in the Old Continent.

To contribute to the result, also the plant in the Czech Republic that since he started producing the Kona Electric has given a great hand to satisfy the demand for this model. Currently, therefore, Hyundai would be internally discussing the possibility; to realize & quot; small & quot; cars with the IONIQ brand and the E-GMP platform. The discussions are not, however, of a technical nature. The problem, in fact, would be to create sufficient volumes and economies of scale to reach profit targets with electric vehicles that are expensive to produce.

But when could these & quot; small & quot; Hyundai brand electric? For the manager, they could arrive before 2025, the date on which those of the Volkswagen Group should debut.


And the models that will arrive from the Volskwagen Group could be the main rivals of these future Korean battery cars. At the show, Volkswagen showed the concept ID. LIFE which anticipates the ID.2 of 2025 which will have; a starting cost between 20 and 25 thousand euros. Cupra and Skoda will also launch their own & quot; small & quot; battery-powered cars around that time. Pure Hyundai, therefore, is thinking of following the same path and, as mentioned before, could get to launch its new battery-powered cars on the market before the Volkswagen Group. Among other possible rivals, the future Renault 5 whose concept is & egrave; always seen at the Salone.


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