Here Swedish multiculturalism is mocked in “Parliament”


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Published September 12, 2021 at 8:38 pm

Domestic. TV4 is accused of sheer racism after Claes Malmberg and Petra Mede joked about criminal immigrants in the comedy program “Parliament”.

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Claes Malmberg, 60, raised the issue of “culture and shootings” in the program.

He then began to sing a “children's song” about the suburbs in severely broken Swedish:

“In a house at the end of the town, little gangster looks out
Svenne lobba burned as soon as he knocked on its door
Help ah, help ah, help me
Otherwise I'm shot
Come yes, come into the house, let me skin your skin. “

Colleague Petra Mede, 51, laughed heartily at this and then drew a joke in a similar style himself.

– It are so many victims and so much suffering. Last Saturday, a haulier was shot just outside my gate, so I got nothing all weekend, she said.

The jokes have received harsh criticism from left-wing activists. One of the critics is Nattalie Ström Bunpuckdee.

“Stop defending your white racist friends”
– This is not satire. That you make fun of yourself by singing this lullaby or referring to our brothers' death as “a peddler was shot outside my gate”, it is nothing more than to show how dehumanized we have become, says Nattalie Ström Bunpuckdee to Expressen.

In an Instagram post with over 400,000 views, Nattalie Ström Bunpuckdee attacks Swedes who think the jokes were funny.

“And I have always said and repeated; HUMOR IS JUST AN EXTENSION OF NOT A TRUE OPINION: Not a 'way to highlight a problem and create discussion' they bullshit stand for your human view and stop snooping and defending your white racist friends. “

Johan Janrell, producer of” Parliament “, defends the program by text message to Expressen. Claes Malmberg says, however, that he apologizes if “people feel offended and upset”.