Bloodyest summer in modern times


Published 12 September 2021 at 18.35

Domestic. Never before have so many people been shot dead in Sweden as now – and the number of murders is up to 36 people so far this year. The moderates now want to use existing terrorist laws to access gang crime.

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– This summer was the bloodiest in modern Swedish history. Never before have so many been shot dead. So far this year, 36 people have been murdered, Ulf Kristersson said in the introduction to his summer speech in Strängnäs on Sunday.

He stated that long-term unemployment is simultaneously reaching record levels and that Sweden is missing its own “climate goals”.

< p> – This is just how we can not have it, Kristersson continued and promised an “end to petting” with criminals.

He wants existing terrorist laws to be used against the criminal gangs.

– Gang members must be punctuated. We'll take their money, cars and watches. We will listen to them and make home visits. No children should be forced to grow up in a serious criminal environment, they should be cared for. Anyone who is a member of a criminal gang, but not a Swedish citizen, must be deported. Whisper to introduce visitation zones and double penalties for gang criminals, Kristersson said about the Moderates' proposal.

The party's new bill against the gangs is “far-reaching”, states M's legal policy spokesman Johan Forssell for TT.