Transman strangled MMA woman


Published 12 September 2021 at 16.00

Abroad. The other openly transsexual MMA fighter in the United States, Alana McLaughlin, began her career with a stranglehold in Miami. But many viewers are critical, reports MMA-News.

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McLaughlin defeated Celine Provost via so-called “choke out submission” in the second round.

He is the first transsexual athlete to compete in MMA in the United States since 2014. He wore a shirt with the message “Stop the transgender genocide”.

Critics claim that Mclaughlin's MMA victory is not legitimate because he is in fact a man who has undergone a “gender correction” to imitate a female appearance.

McLaughlin underwent the procedure five years ago and, like other men, has undergone a male puberty stage himself.

According to critics, it is neither fair nor sporting to allow him to compete against naturally born biological women in the MMA ring.

McLaughlin himself responds to the criticism in a post on Instagram where he writes that the match was in fact even. He also dismisses critics as “transphobic”.