Priest: “Would be fantastic” turn church into a mosque


Published 12 September 2021 at 15.36

Domestic. Christofer Sjödin, student pastor of the Church of Sweden, urges voters in the church election to vote for churches to be converted into mosques.

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– It would be fantastic if some of our premises could become a mosque, says Christofer Sjödin to P4 Västerbotten.

The background is that the Islamic Association in Västerbotten last year was refused buy Böleängskyrkan in Umeå and turn it into a mosque. This with reference to the fact that such a deal would provoke a storm of criticism.

Christofer Sjödin does not share that view, however. The priest develops his reasoning in the radio segment:

– It is good if it can be used by others for prayer. I do not see that it is worse in any way than that a commercial activity is in a former church premises.

Ahmad Muhanna at the Islamic Association in Västerbotten has not given up hope of buying a church and turn it into a mosque.

– That's the only help we need. They will sell a premises and we need premises, why not sell to Muslims? he says to P4 Västerbotten.