Porsche Experience Center in Franciacorta: here is the playground we like | Video


Finally! It is also arrived to us. Who? Perhaps it would be more; fair to say & quot; What & quot ;. We are talking about the Porsche Experience Center which after an investment of 28 million and after the seven poles already; present in Germany, France, England, America and China, it also arrives in the Bel Paese, specifically at the Franciacorta circuit , in the heart of Northern Italy.

The center reserved for Italy will be also the Porsche polo most & ugrave; big in the world, since & egrave; built on 60 hectares and includes the Franciacorta track, a longer track. of 2.5 kilometers, resurfaced for the occasion with a consequent rearrangement of the curbs and including a paddock with 29 boxes. But what is it? a Porsche Experience Center? As the name suggests, the PEC is; a real experiential center that wants to bring together in one place the lovers of the German brand, Porsche enthusiasts and all car fans.

In Franciacorta you can & agrave; entertain by becoming familiar with the wide range of products of the 'cavallina', including purebred sports cars and SUVs, both by joining the Franciacorta circuit with lots of laps on the track on the official layout of a track approved for the most demanding riders. high four-wheeler competitions (apart from F1) but also spend the day on the modules adjacent to the circuit and used for safe driving.

Here we will find specific exercises to always do on board a Porsche and that will see us busy to learn to recognize understeer and oversteer on sections characterized by asphalt with little grip or on irrigated rings to emphasize the low grip, without counting the various and always fun slalom exercises between the pins and to manage an emergency braking in complete safety, perhaps avoiding an obstacle occurred at the ;last minute.

For lovers of the off-road c & # 39; & egrave; the whole section to dirty the tires, where to put the traction of Porsche SUVs under pressure in vertiginous ups and downs, off-road paths and various obstacles, even natural ones. That's all? Of course not.

Adjacent to the circuit there is; the new trackexclusively electric go-karts and inside the new Porsche Center in Franciacorta you can take a break enjoying a meal in the new dining rooms or sip a coffee; in the new bar called Targa. And after the morning spent on the track with the instructors to learn how to control understeer, what do you do in the afternoon?

Why & eacute; don't indulge yourself a little of relaxation by going to visit the new showroom inside the structure, where you can buy some Porsche branded accessories or attend a lesson in the classrooms to take a look behind the scenes at the activities ; training of the dealer network . In this structure & egrave; provided for a & rsquo; large window to allow visitors more & ugrave; curious to attend the training sessions observing the technicians at work from a privileged position.

If before going home there is; still need a shot of adrenaline, at our disposal there & # 39; & egrave; a complete room dedicated to sim-racing complete with eight workstations featuring viewers for reality; virtual reality, Fanatec steering wheels and many Porsches to be tested virtually on an updated version of the Assetto Corsa simulator.

It should be noted that future Porsche customers will have included in the price. purchase of a car , a day to spend at the PEC, with the possibility; to try the Porsche model purchased or other models in the range on the track or in the various safe driving exercises. For fans there are instead experiential packages to try all the attractions with prices, not yet official, from 170 euros to 900 euros and which include a selected choice of all activities; described above.

The PEC is; a plant born under the banner of sustainability , in line with Porsche's strategy. Attention to the environment guided every phase of the project, from the study of the design to its realization. The architectural concept is; in fact, it has been designed to recover the pi & ugrave; possible the pre-existing structures and the entire plant & egrave; powered by energy from renewable sources.

Furthermore, the PEC Franciacorta has already obtained ISO 20121 certification, the international standard for event management systems according to sustainability criteria. Particular attention is also paid to respect for diversity, with some of the cars that will be used for the activities; on the track equipped with a driving assistance device that allows people with disabilities; to be able to experience the thrills of driving Porsche sports cars without limits.

The Porsche Experience Center in Franciacorta opens its doors 11 September 2021 to wait, at the 39; approximately, 20,000 customers per year.


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