The V-reaction to Brås' report: “Racist context”


Published August 25, 2021 at 19.18

Domestic. A new report from the Crime Prevention Council, Brå, shows that immigrants are very strongly overrepresented in crime in Sweden. Linda Snecker, the Left Party's legal policy spokesperson, is now worried that the report will be used “in a racist context”.

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Brå, which is a strongly left-wing authority, for many years refused to fully investigate the link between immigration and crime.

After strong pressure, however, Brå announced in 2018 that such an investigation would is done, and today the report was presented.

As expected, the report shows that immigrants have a very strong over-representation in crime. People born in Sweden with two foreign-born parents also turn out to be more criminal than foreign-born.

“Registering as a criminal suspect is 2.5 times as common for foreign-born as for domestic-born with both parents born in Sweden. For domestic-born with two foreign-born parents, it is more than 3 times as common as for domestic-born with both parents born in Sweden “, Brå writes in a press release.

Adam Marttinen, Sweden Democrats' legal policy spokesman, says that the result is” amazing “. SD has called the Minister of Justice Morgan Johansson (S) and Brås 'Director General Kristina Svartz to the Justice Committee to discuss the report, writes Expressen.

The Left Party's legal policy spokesperson Linda Snecker is, however, concerned about Brås' report.

– It is good with information and statistics, but then you have to use it in the right way. I am worried and see that many want to use the report in a racist context instead of being solution-oriented and looking at the reasons why immigrants are overrepresented – such as income, level of education, health and overcrowding, she tells Expressen.