Sarnecki: We do not know what it is due to


Published August 25, 2021 at 8:44 pm

Domestic. Jerzy Sarnecki, professor of crimonology, comments on SVT's new Brå report on immigrants' strong over-representation in crime.
– The big question is what it depends on, he says.

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One of the results of the Brå report, released today, was that second-generation immigrants are even more likely to be criminals than the first, and that this over-representation has increased.

“In general terms”, however, the report contains no news, according to left-wing criminologist Jerzy Sarnecki.

He claims that since 1974 there have been 39 different studies on immigrants' over-representation in crime statistics, and all have shown the same thing./p>

– It shows that there is a very strong political pressure to investigate the issue of overrepresentation, says Jerzy Sarnecki to SVT and continues:

– The big question is what it depends on, and it the issue is very poorly investigated. It is only when we know what it depends on that we can design crime prevention measures.