No action against police who shot dead Ashli ​​Babbitt


Published 25 August 2021 at 12.08

Abroad. The police officer who killed the unarmed Trump supporter Ashli ​​Babbitt in connection with the riot at the congress in January avoids completely disciplinary action, reports NPR.

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Ashli ​​Babbitt was one of the protesters who entered the Capitol in connection with the high-profile riots on January 6.

A camera captured when she was shot by an African-American police officer inside in the building. The policeman stood by and aimed at her, while she tried to open a door, before he shot her in the throat.

The authorities have consistently refused to reveal the identity of the policeman.

The Congress police has carried out its own investigation of the incident, which is now said to show that the police officer did not do anything wrong. It refers to the fact that a police officer has the right to use lethal force to protect other people's lives, including his own, writes NPR.

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