Crypto hack: attacker returns $ 610 million


About two weeks ago, a hacker succeeded in an attack on the crypto platform Poly Network in the largest theft of crypto currencies to date with an equivalent of about 610 million US dollars. Now the hacker has transferred all the loot back and tens of thousands of customers can get their cryptocurrencies back.

Most recently, crypto currencies with an equivalent value of around 141 million US dollars (28,953 ETH and 1,032 WBTC) were missing, which the hacker or the hackers transferred back yesterday, Monday, also in cooperation with Poly Network, by providing the necessary private key with Poly Networks shared, according to Poly Network. The company thanks the attacker for his cooperation and actions. According to the company, all of the cryptocurrencies that were initially drained have now been regained. The next phase is now about crediting the cryptocurrencies to the individual users again before Poly Network would like to resume operations in the last phase of the incident after the security clearance.

Roadmap of the attack (Image: Poly Network)

Hacker rejects $ 550,000

Poly Network had previously not only offered the attacker $ 500,000 as a bonus for the vulnerability found, but also $ 50,000 in exchange for the missing Krytpo assets. The network later gave the hacker the title of “chief security advisor”. However, the hacker declined any of these offers because he continued to believe that he had planned to reimburse all stolen cryptos anyway.

The attacker had exploited a loophole in the poly-network system when exchanging cryptocurrencies across blockchains in order to use the Carry out an attack on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Ethereum (ETH) and Polygon Blockchain.

Legal consequences still open

< p class = "p text-width"> It is currently unclear whether the law enforcement authorities will try to track down the hacker and ultimately face legal consequences. Reports that his IP address, e-mail inbox and other digital traces have been found have so far been unconfirmed. However, the theft of the cryptocurrencies remains a crime even after they are surrendered, for which he or she could be punished.