SSD sales Q2 2021: 100 million drives shipped with a capacity of 69 exabytes


According to Trendfocus statistics, almost 100 million SSDs were shipped in the second quarter of this year. Compared to the first quarter, sales stagnated at a high level, but the accumulated storage volume rose by 10 percent to around 69 exabytes. Samsung continues to lead in the market shares of SSD manufacturers.

On average, an SSD comes to 0.7 TB

The market researchers from Trendfocus put the global SSD sales at 99.596 million delivered SSDs in the second quarter of 2021. Compared to the approximately 99 million units in the first quarter, the change is marginal. The total storage volume of the separate SSDs rose from around 62 exabytes by a little more than 10 percent to now 68.6 exabytes.

In terms of quantities, SSDs have already overtaken classic hard drives (HDDs). According to surveys, around 67.6 million HDDs were shipped in the second quarter of 2021. The hard drives are still clearly in the lead in terms of storage capacity, which reached a new record level with a cumulative 351.4 exabytes in the last quarter of the year. While an average storage volume of around 689 gigabytes or around 0.7 terabytes can be calculated for SSDs, it is around 5.2 terabytes per HDD.

Around 87% are client SSDs

The lion's share of SSD sales is due to client SSDs, which make up 86.86 million units, but show a slight decrease of 1.7 percent. Of the approximately 12.74 million enterprise SSDs, 5.84 million units with a total of 18.16 exabytes of storage capacity are based on models with PCI Express. The share of enterprise SSDs with SATA remains similarly high, reaching 5.79 million units, but with a total of 5.25 exabytes, they are significantly smaller than their PCIe counterparts. The rest can be traced back to SSDs with a SAS connection, which make up 1.1 million pieces with a total of 3.68 exabytes.

shares by segment and manufacturer

NAND flash memory is used not only in SSDs, but also in mobile computers such as smartphones and tablets. In the second quarter, a total of 141.19 exabytes of NAND flash should have been shipped, of which 33. percent on the mobile segment, 29.4 percent on client SSDs, 20.7 percent on enterprise SSDs and the remaining 16.8 percent not applicable to other applications.

Market shares of SSD manufacturers Q2 2021 according to sales (number of items) (Image: Trendfocus)
Market shares of SSD manufacturers Q2 2021 by sales (Exabyte) (Image: Trendfocus)

Samsung leads the market shares of SSD manufacturers with 24.4 percent in sales by number of units and 34, 9 percent in sales to Exabyte continues. Western Digital follows in second place with 18.8 percent (number of items) and 16.6 percent (Exabyte).