Free access for ADHD police officers


Published 4 August 2021 at 16.23

Domestic. The ADHD barrier to the police profession will be removed. Following a decision by the Discrimination Ombudsman, DO, people with ADHD and other neuropsychiatric disabilities will no longer be stopped from entering police training. It reports the Police Journal.

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DO recently ruled that there is discrimination when the Swedish Armed Forces and the Swedish Duty and Trials Agency automatically exclude people who state that they have been diagnosed with autism or ADHD from the possibility of being tried for military service.

The police authority, which has had the same policy, is now also changing its rules for applicants for police training.

– The DO has stated that the Armed Forces must make an individual assessment of the applicants. And we believe that we must also follow that position, says Eva Årestad Radner at the Police Authority's HR department, to Polistidningen.

The new admission rules apply from 16 August.