IAA: Mercedes EQE also gets the MBUX Hyperscreen


After the MBUX 2 was ported from the S-Class (test) to other model series, Mercedes-Benz is planning to rapidly distribute the full-format MBUX Hyperscreen, which was first offered for the EQS. At the IAA in Munich, the company wants to present the EQE with a digital cockpit and other new electric cars EQE will be presented. Two days before the start of the IAA automobile fair, which is no longer held in Frankfurt am Main, but has migrated to Munich, Mercedes-Benz intends to celebrate the world premiere of the all-electric EQE as early as the evening of September 5th as part of a “pre-night” .

EQE and EQS should use the same e-platform “EVA II” according to the current status. It is therefore not surprising that the interiors of the two sedans will be quite similar. The cockpit is also dominated in the EQE by the MBUX Hyperscreen, which Mercedes-Benz has now also confirmed for the model positioned one level lower by means of a teaser.

In the EQS, the hyperscreen offers three displays

In the EQS, the MBUX Hyperscreen is a huge display unit behind glass, made up of three screens that are positioned in front of the driver, in the center console and in front of the front passenger. The central display measures 17.7 inches, the displays in front of the driver and front passenger each 12.3 inches. OLED displays are used for the central and front passenger screens. These two screens also offer haptic feedback, which is triggered via eight actuators in the central display and four actuators in the front passenger display and leads to noticeable vibrations in the cover window.

EQE with only two screens?

Technical details on the structure in the EQE are not yet available, but the first picture also shows large displays in front of the driver and in the center console. It is not yet possible to conclusively say whether the front passenger will also have his or her own screen; it could also be just a decorative element. What the EQE will look like from the outside is also largely left in the dark by Mercedes-Benz. The lines and the light design can already be guessed.

Teaser for the exterior of the EQE (Image: Mercedes-Benz)

Electric AMG and Maybach

Aside from the EQE, Daimler wants a purely electric luxury sedan at the IAA for the first time from Mercedes-AMG show. This is the brand's commitment to combine fully electric models with typical AMG characteristics. According to the manufacturer, this concerns not only the pure performance data, but also the “emotional driving experience”. Also planned is the premiere of a performance hybrid from AMG, which will be presented under the label “E Performance”, which means that it is not purely electric. In addition, a concept vehicle will be used with Mercedes-Maybach to show how the traditions of the Mark can be transferred into the electric age.

Further planned premieres are the EQB for Europe after This has already been presented for China, an electric show car from Smart, the current S-Class in an armored Guard variant and the new C-Class as an all-terrain model.