Nearly vaccinated Iceland flags for 15 years of coronary restrictions


Published July 29, 2021 at 06.51

Abroad. Despite the fact that close to 100 percent of Iceland's adult population has been vaccinated, the spread of infection continues at the highest level to date. “Islands Tegnell” is now flagging that corona & shy; restrictions may need to be maintained for another 15 years.

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Show all On June 26, the Icelandic authorities chose to remove all domestic restrictions. At that time, not a single case of covid-19 had been registered in several weeks, and no deaths since December last year.

At the same time, a very large majority of the adult population in Iceland has now been vaccinated. For people over the age of 50, the proportion is close to 100 percent.

But at the same time, the so-called delta variant is now spreading rapidly. On Tuesday, 124 new cases of infection were reported, which was the highest figure so far. A large proportion of those newly infected have been shown to be fully vaccinated.

The new wave of infections has led to Iceland once again introducing restrictions, such as requirements for wearing a mouth guard indoors. Guðnason now does not rule out that corona restrictions may become necessary for up to 15 years, Morgunblaðið reports.

– It may be so, no one can know what the future holds. That is what we have been saying all along, that there is no predictability in this, he says.