Chip crisis, Mercedes cuts production in Germany and Hungary


The chip crisis continues to create major problems for car manufacturers who are forced to review their production plans their establishments. In some cases, even the production lines are temporarily stopped. Due to the problems of semiconductor procurement , there are manufacturers who have also had to postpone the launch of new models. After all, cars today are & quot; computers on 4 wheels & quot; and therefore they are increasingly & ugrave; dependent on these components. This problem is also affecting Mercedes who announced that they had to temporarily cut production in Germany and Hungary to give priority; to the construction of electric vehicles.


According to Automotive News Europe, the German carmaker has reduced production in three plants in Germany and has temporarily ceased operations; in his factory in Hungary. The German plants affected are those in Sindelfingen, Rastatt and Bremen. In detail, in Rastatt, production will be; reduced until the end of next week. In Sindelfingen and Bremen, on the other hand, until the end of the week.

On the other hand, in the Hungarian plant of Kecskemet, construction operations will be interrupted until the middle of the week. of the month of August. Unfortunately, the car manufacturer is not yet egrave; able to understand when the semiconductor supply problem will be solved.

The situation is; still unstable and we are constantly re-evaluating what this means for Mercedes production.

In Sindelfingen, production is; was discontinued only in some areas and the automaker will continue & agrave; to build his own luxury cars. Priority to electric models as the electrification plan takes absolute precedence.

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