Apple tightens the hunt for rumors from China


The hunt is mainly focused on Chinese rumored goodies. A Chinese who posted photos of stolen Apple prototypes on social media received a letter warning. That cease and desist letter was sent by Apple's law firm in China. The Chinese is accused of having released a large amount of information about unreleased products, violating Apple's trade secrets. Through investigation, Apple has found sufficient evidence that the person is involved. Apple asks that they stop and comply with the requirements set in the letter within 14 days. One of those demands is for the Chinese sources to be disclosed.

Earlier it appeared that there is money to be made in China with rumors. Information is smuggled from Chinese factories: employees of Foxconn, among others, take photos or take prototypes from factories. The prototypes are unique and yield a lot of money, but you can also earn money with the rumors themselves in the gray circuit. Accessory makers use it, for example, to make accessories in advance.

It is not yet clear who the person is. We are therefore not sure whether there is any connection with Mr. White (@laobaiTD) from Twitter. This account was taken offline around June 11, while the letter is dated June 18. mr. White leaked photos of the iPhone 12 Pro (glass on the back), the iPhone 12 mini (display units), third-generation Apple Pencil and second-generation AirPods Pro. Photos of the A14 chip, the iPad mini 5 housing and a black ceramic Apple Watch Series 5 were also layered by Mr. White on the street. He previously leaked photos of a shiny black iPhone X and an iPod touch with a different design. Some photos are only of interest to collectors because of the uniqueness of some prototypes. For the general public it is often more interesting to know which new products are actually coming.

More letters are said to have been sent, including to the trusty rumored sweetie ‘Kang’ and the concept creator ‘CConceptCreator’, which created images based on Jon Prosser's rumors. Another rumored sweet that calls itself ‘Jin Store’ says he has not received a letter from Apple.