When will the iPhone 13 be unveiled? This is what we know about the date of the iPhone event


The season of previews for the big Apple announcements of fall 2021 is almost upon us. Before you know it, it'll be September and Tim Cook and his colleagues will be showcasing the latest products at the annual Apple events. The first event this year is likely to be the iPhone 13 event. You may be wondering when Apple will announce the iPhone 13. Although nothing official is known about that yet, there have already been sources that have predicted a date. Here's what we already know about the 2021 iPhone event date.

2021 iPhone Event Date: When will Apple reveal the iPhone 13?

It has been a tradition for many years that Apple announces the latest iPhones in September. Last year was an exception. The iPhone 12 event was held in October, as the corona pandemic caused a delay in the production of the latest models. But the good news is that the iPhone 13 is likely to be released in September. So everything seems to be on schedule this year.

An analyst has also already predicted a date of the 2021 iPhone event. He thinks Apple will present the latest iPhones in the third week of September. That would come out on the week of September 13. But it is not difficult to make this prediction. Just look at the dates of the past:

  • 2019: September 10 (iPhone 11 series)
  • 2018: September 12 (iPhone XS series)
  • 2017: September 12 (iPhone X and iPhone 8 Series)
  • 2016: September 7 (iPhone 7 Series)
  • 2015: September 9 (iPhone 6s Series)

Apple always chooses the second or third week of September, usually on a Tuesday or Wednesday. The possible date of September 14, 2021 for the iPhone 13 event is therefore a safe bet. The schedule could then look like this (note: nothing has been confirmed yet):

  • Date iPhone 13 event: September 14
  • Start pre-order iPhone 13: 17 September
  • Start sale iPhone 13: 24 September

‘The 2021 iPhone event is also virtual’< /h2>

Since the start of the corona pandemic, all Apple events have been held virtually. That is, there is no group of journalists and other invitees sitting together in one room and watching the announcements live, but Apple is livestreaming a pre-recorded video on YouTube. According to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, Apple is also opting for a virtual event this year. This is mainly due to the fact that many Apple employees still work from home and that infections are still high in many countries.

Apple originally planned to increase the number of employees working at its Cupertino headquarters again from September. In that case, a live press conference would have been a possibility, but that now seems to be off the table.

What will Apple announce?
We expect at least the iPhone 13 series during the event, but more is planned. The Apple Watch Series 7, iPad mini 2021 and a new entry-level iPad for 2021 may also be unveiled. Finally, Apple will announce the release date of iOS 15 and the other software update there.

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