Bonnier profile is accused of “dirty” hypocrisy


Published July 26, 2021 at 1:36 pm

Media. Everyone should refrain from “picking up political points” on two children being shot in Flemingsberg, writes Sydsvenskan journalist Olle Lönnaeus on Twitter. But the 64-year-old liberal himself tried to pick up political points on the spread of the corpses of a boy who drowned in the Mediterranean in 2015.

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“Can the horrific images of little Alan move Europe's stone hearts”, wrote Lönnaeus during the asylum chaos in 2015, and took the corpses as income to defend the Bonnier Group's line on the issue of making the whole of Europe multicultural with the help of mandatory EU rules on redistribution of asylum seekers.

Now the Sydsvenskan journalist receives harsh criticism for what many consider to be double standards in the debate.

“It is important to choose the right when to do political points “, states the SD-labeled journalist Roger Sahlström.

” Poor hypocrisy of Lönnaeus who himself has used children countless times to run his false propaganda for mass immigration and Islamism “, states Leif Lindau.

Jona Lindholm is of the opinion that it is rather right to discuss politics after what has happened, and that what is required when children begin to be shot is precisely political measures.

“Your society MUST act politically to prevent that tragedies are repeated “, Lindholm writes.

It is clear at least the liberal's Twitter posts are engaging. By 1 pm on Monday, it had attracted 197 responses, all of which were negative to Olle Lönnaeus' attitude to the question.