Hyundai tests its Elec City Fuel Cell bus in Germany


It is not; a mystery that Hyundai also strongly believes in Fuel Cell solutions . In fact, the car manufacturer is investing heavily in the development of this technology. However, the brand is not limiting its efforts to the auto sector only as it is working to spread the use of the Fuel Cell also on trucks and buses.

After introducing the truck to Europe Xcient fuel cells, the Korean manufacturer seems willing to bring also its Elec City Fuel Cell bus . A few weeks ago, in fact, Hyundai had announced that together with some transport companies in Germany it will experiment; his bus to Munich , in Germany, in view of its possible commercial launch. This model is was brought to its debut in South Korea in 2019 and since then 108 units & agrave; were put on the roads.

According to Hyundai, this bus is; able to travel almost 500 km and can & ograve; rely on a 180 kW Fuel Cell system, consisting of two 90 kW fuel cells. In addition, there are two 39.2 kWh batteries (total 78.4 kWh). There are five hydrogen tanks placed on the roof, which store a total of 34 kg of hydrogen . A vehicle, therefore, which guarantees a good mileage. Through these tests, the manufacturer aims to receive feedback from passengers and drivers in view of the possible commercial debut of its Elec City Fuel Cell bus.

The experimentation is; started thanks to the collaboration with two companies & agrave; that deal with passenger transport. In the course of 2021, the brand plans to expand these tests. With this vehicle, Hyundai is aiming at its goal of wanting to reduce polluting emissions and wanting to make more of it. sustainable transport. It will be interesting, at this point, to discover the result of the experimentation and understand if the Fuel Cell bus of the Korean manufacturer will be; really marketed in Europe.

The big cities & agrave; are reorganizing their public transport fleets by replacing old endothermic buses not only with 100% electric models but also, in some cases, with Fuel Cell solutions. For example, recently, the first 20 double buses debuted in London. fuel cell plans. The Hyundai model, therefore, could become an interesting option for those transport companies that aim to make their fleet green.


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