The right to arms becomes part of the Czech constitution


Published July 22, 2021 at 15.07

Abroad. Both chambers of the Czech Parliament have now adopted a bill that will make it more difficult for the EU to restrict the right to bear arms in the Czech Republic in the future. The bill means that the right to bear arms for self-defense & shy; purpose is written into the constitution, reports

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On Wednesday, the Czech Parliament approved a draft constitutional amendment recognizing the right to use weapons in self-defense and to protect others as a fundamental freedom and right.

The law goes unheeded Contrary to the trend of tighter arms regulation in the European Union, Czech CT24 reported.

The Czech House of Lords has now ratified the new amendment to the Constitution, which had already been approved by Parliament's lower house. The constitutional amendment states that “the right to defend one's life or the lives of others, even with the help of weapons, must be guaranteed.”

Martin Cervicek from the right-liberal Citizens' Democrats before the vote in Parliament.

Cervicek is critical of stricter gun laws throughout the EU and rejects the claim that the addition is only symbolic. Rather, it is a “future insurance”, according to him.

Parliament adopted the constitutional amendment as a result of a citizens' initiative collected 102,000 signatures.