Synology C2 Password: Free password manager relies on E2E and AES-256


The new free password manager Synology C2 Password stores logins and passwords using end-to-end encryption (E2EE) and AES-256 in Synology's own cloud. The software is permanently free even if no hardware from the manufacturer is used.

Cloud solution with server in Germany

The access data and passwords of the users are saved on a Synology server in Frankfurt, which is located in Germany. By implementing it as a cloud solution, a cross-device synchronization of several installations of Synology C2 Password should be guaranteed. By authenticating the recipient, adding text or image watermarks or by downloading files only once, security should be increased even further.

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Synology C2 Password
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Synology C2 Password

Save and organize sensitive data

Addresses, bank information and other sensitive data can also be saved in the up to 10,000 free safe elements and organized into categories and favorites with user-defined tags. In addition, an easy-to-use password generator helps generate secure passwords.

Limited to the browser for the time being

Synology C2 Password is currently only accessible via the browser or via a plug-in for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox , Microsoft Edge and Apple's Safari can be used. A native app for iOS will follow at the end of the year, an app for Android not until 2022.

Pro version with an extended feature set

The free use of Synology C2 Password only requires an equally free Synology account. Synology would like to submit a paid Pro version as a subscription with an extended feature set.

For more information, visit the official website of the password manager and the Synology Cloud² (C2) terms of use.