Scooters pi? safe: Voi Technology uses directional arrows and artificial intelligence


Voi Technology & egrave; at work to improve the safety of its electric scooters by operating on two fronts: on the one hand it has begun to enrich, also in Italy, the standard equipment by integrating directional arrows, on the other it continues the research with the aim of developing further solutions useful for avoiding accidents. We remind you that in Italy the rental service of Voi Technology scooters is; active for a year in Milan.

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Reporting a change of direction can make the difference between traveling safely and one that ends up in unpleasant accidents. For this Voi Technology has deemed it appropriate to proceed with renewal of the fleet of shared scooters present in Milan by introducing the new Voiager 4 model, which is equipped with directional arrows .

The company expects to complete the replacement of the Voiager 3X fleet within the first weeks of August and comments on this; investments in the Lombard capital:

The city & agrave; of Milan deserves the best of micro-mobility. With the Voiager 4 and their cutting-edge technology, we redouble our efforts to promote the reduction of pollution and traffic in Milan and put the capital on the right path to become a city. in 15 minutes. Not only that: with this large investment in the city, Voi takes another step forward in its commitment to road safety, as part of the & quot; Vision Zero & quot; strategy, which aims to provide a micro-mobility service; accident-free and emission-free. – Magdalena Krenek, General Manager of Voi Technology Italia

The company underlines that the new models are the first scooters with directional arrows in Italy . They can be used in a city & agrave; who has shown to appreciate the solution for micro-mobility & aacute; proposed by Voi Technology: yes & egrave; in fact calculated that, on average, users covered an average of 1.83 kilometers in the race lasting about 12 minutes. The savings in terms of emissions are; been estimated in the order of 65 tons of CO2.

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE TO AVOID ACCIDENTS computer vision to detect when the scooter leaves the road by climbing onto the sidewalk or when the vehicle is parked incorrectly . In this way the system can & ograve; take action to prevent accidents. When the scooter detects a dangerous situation or an infringement, it is able to warn the user or freeze altogether.

The technology is; still in testing phase : yes & egrave; started from the tests carried out in Stockholm , while at the end of July, scooters capable of seeing the dangers of the road will also arrive in Northampton (United Kingdom). The experimentation involves two phases:

  • in the first the infringement will occur; simply signaled to the user by a sound notification
  • in the second the scooter will start; to slow down and freeze; completely after detecting the infringement

The computer vision applied to the scooters will be; also useful for identifying areas of the city & agrave; particularly problematic in terms of mobility . Municipalities will be able to use this data to modify infrastructure accordingly. Voi Technology defines this promising technology as a breakthrough for the safety of pedestrians, users and roads, to finally fight the coveted problem of scooter accidents. Distribution times on multiple; large scale are yet to be defined.

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