Mercedes updates plans: only electric in 2025, here are platforms and strategy


Mercedes focuses on the electric and updates its strategy, responding to the plan of the European Union for 2035 and anticipating the times. The goal is to transform itself into an electric-only car manufacturer by the end of the decade with a significant acceleration.

Already; by 2022, in fact, the Germans will have a battery-powered model for each covered market segment while 2025 will be; the year in which all new platforms will be dedicated to electric cars : for each existing model, customers will be able to choose the battery version. All these considerations, as also done by other producers, are valid for Europe and for those markets where they will push themselves. equally on mobility; with batteries, with longer times; dilated for realities; which cannot accelerate in the same way.

THREE PLATFORMS Fruit of pi & ugrave; of 40 billion euros of investments, the plan from 2022 to 2030 provides for an acceleration that will find & agrave; its peak in 2025 with the launch of three dedicated architectures :

  • MB.EA will be & agrave; the modular platform that will do & agrave; from the base to all the electric cars of the brand, from the medium-sized ones to the larger ones; large
  • AMG.EA : sar & agrave; a platform dedicated to electric performance, collecting the inheritance; of the sporty luxury of the current AMGs
  • VAN.EA : sar & agrave; the platform for commercial vehicles that will replace & agrave; with a single platform the range dedicated to the business world, both for the transport of things and for the transport of people

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The Mercedes plan also provides for a vertical integration of activities, starting from planning to continue with development, component purchases and production. YASA & egrave; the English company that will supply support in the development part of high-performance electric motors and from China will come expertise and agreements for software development.

The other important pillar is; represented by the batteries: the piano & egrave; to realize 8 Gigafactory for a capacity; more & ugrave; of 200 GWh of cell production . To take advantage of economies of scale, the new generation batteries will be standardized so & igrave; to be able to use them in pi & ugrave; 90% of Mercedes-branded models, regardless of whether they are passenger cars or commercial vehicles.

SilaNano will be; the partner with whom Daimler will work to increase the density energy of batteries using the & quot; silicon-carbon & quot; technology for the anode. At the same time, with a medium-long term perspective, it will continue the development of solid state batteries.

Finally, the recharge node will come up. loose working on the Plug & amp; Charge system , the technology currently used by Tesla that allows you to avoid cards and applications and recharge the car in the most convenient way; simple as possible. The debut will be & agrave; expected on the EQS in some markets already; in the course of 2021. Today's charging network is based on Mercedes me Charge and will grow up with agreements similar to that with Shell Recharge , the network that will add & agrave; 30,000 stations between Europe, China and North America by 2025, of which 10,000 will be high power.


Electricity from 1,000 km of autonomy will derive from VISION EQXX, a concept in development that promises a very high real autonomy and aims at distances at speed; highway of pi & ugrave; of 10 km per kWh consumed.

The car will be; unveiled in 2022 and will do & agrave; from a technological laboratory, the experts of the Formula 1 team also work there, to then contaminate all the production models with its technologies.

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