Human traffickers are forced to sell the ship Alan Kurdi


Published July 21, 2021 at 08.41

Abroad. The German left-wing organization Sea-Eye has been forced to sell its ship Alan Kurdi, which was used to transport illegal third-world immigrants across the Mediterranean. It reports Junge Freiheit.

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As a motive for the sale, Sea-Eye states that the ship has twice been detained by the Italian Coast Guard.

This has become “a major financial burden” for the left-wing organization.

“The Italian Coast Guard has already detained Alan Kurdi twice on loose grounds. Sea-Eye managed to free the ship both times after lengthy discussions and by legal means. The custody of the rescue vessels not only prevents Sea-Eye from carrying out its work but costs also huge sums of money for port and legal fees “, writes Sea-Eye on its website.

The ship, which is named after the noted drowned boy, is sold for 400,000 euros to the Italian organization ResQ, which also engages in human trafficking.

According to Sea-Eye, Alan Kurdi “saved 927 lives” in twelve different “rescue operations” during its use as a smuggling vessel.