Ford, Argo AI, first self-driving cars by the end of the year on the Lyft network


The partnership signed between Argo A I and Ford dar & agrave; its first concrete fruits by the end of this year: the companies & agrave; will launch the first self-driving vehicles on the Lyft network, also a partner in the project. Platform users will be able to book their first driverless rides immediately in Miami, Florida; autonomous vehicles will also reach Austin, Texas next year. We do not have precise data on how many vehicles will be initially deployed, but the plan is; to reach at least 1,000 within five years.

Argo AI brings the artificial intelligence of autonomous driving, Ford the vehicles, Lyft the logistics/IT infrastructure: & egrave; a three-way partnership that does not & egrave; never seen in the sector, but that according to the protagonists & egrave; perfectly positioned for the ambitious goal of developing a fully self-driving ride hailing service . The joint statement says that the three companies & agrave; are building and testing an additional autonomous driving network; city of all other similar partnerships in the sector.

Ford's investments in Argo AI, founded by self-driving veterans at Google and Uber in 2016 in the US, date back to 2017. The goal to arrive on the market in 2021 was already; was stated in the beginning. The American car manufacturer is not; the only one interested in the startup: Volkswagen invested a whopping 2.3 billion euros just last year. The company's technology looks promising: its LiDAR sensor has a range of 400 meters , with a field of view of 360 & deg ;.

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