“Either you are for SD/Breivik or you are not”


Published July 22, 2021 at 6:45 pm

Domestic. Several profiles on the left wing – such as S-top Annika Strandhäll – attack the Liberals on the tenth anniversary of Anders Behring Breivik's mass murder on Utöya in Norway.

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The anniversary of the Norwegian terrorist attack has given rise to infected discussions on social media.

When the Liberals drew attention to the anniversary on Twitter, S-leader Annika Strandhäll quickly attacked the party.

“This post tastes a little bad, to say the least, when you as a liberal party are at the same time prepared to facilitate a party with roots in the Swedish white power movement and precisely this tradition of thought that drove Breivik to gain government influence,” writes Strandhäll.

Similar posts have been written by a number of other left-wing profiles.

“But now the Liberals must decide! Either you are for SD/Breivik or you are not”, writes Aftonbladet's lead writer Lina Stenberg on Twitter.

Lina Stenberg's comment was in response to a post by Liberal integration spokesman Robert Hannah, who accuses “suckers” of “tanning the opposition only to retain power”.

A number of other people on the left have used the anniversary of Breivik's massacre to attack political opponents.