Chieftec Chieftronic M2: “Gaming Cube” gets more air to breathe


The second version of the micro-ATX gaming cube Chieftronic M1 improves Chieftec in an obvious area. The subject of all changes was the cooling performance, which the manufacturer wants to have significantly improved. In addition, the housing can breathe in more freely.

The focus is on the cooling performance

The most visible innovation of the M2 is the redesigned front. Chieftec has retained the “wing design”, but has now taken into account space for a mesh strip that complements the side air inlets. In the M1, these were still solely responsible for the air supply. The front promises to be less restrictive.

The top is also opened. Instead of a glass panel, there is now a mesh grille under which there is space for two 120 mm fans or a 240 mm radiator. Further fans still fit on the front and rear. A total of three 120 mm or 140 mm units can be installed there. In the course of the revision, Chieftec has increased the number of fans supplied from one to three. Your RGB LEDs can be configured using a controller supplied.

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Chieftec M2
Chieftec M2
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Chieftec M2
Chieftec M2
Chieftec M2

Chieftec does not change the chassis itself. As usual, the cube distributes hardware on two levels. The power supply unit and HDDs sit in the lower area, above the horizontally placed mainboard. Due to the space available, coolers and graphics cards can be used in practically unlimited sizes, as they are not exceeded by any currently available hardware.

There will be small print. Based on the pictures, the 175 millimeter height available to the CPU cooler is a maximum value. Since the cooler is located below the fan holder in the lid, the use of fans or a radiator in the lid reduces the space available. With slim fans, 160 millimeters remain, with normal fans 150 millimeters.

In the niche under 100 euros

When and at what price the Chieftec Chieftronic M2 will be available in stores is not stated in the announcement. Since the M2 is marketed as an improved version of the M1, a comparable price level can be expected. The M1 is currently trading for around 90 euros. It finds its niche a little under the somewhat more expensive, but without fan, Corsair Crystal Series 280X and Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic Mini, which promise more freedom for cooling and components with a different layout.

Chieftec Chieftronic M2 (GM-02B) Chieftec Chieftronic M1 mainboard format: Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX chassis (L × W × H): 398 × 273 × 355 mm (38.57 liters)
side window 400 × 270 × 345 mm (37.26 liters)
side window Material: plastic, steel, glass Net weight:? 7.82 kg I/O ports: 2 × USB 3.0 (USB 3.2 Gen 1), 2 × USB 2.0, HD audio, RGB lighting 2 × USB 3.0 (USB 3.2 Gen 1), 1 × USB 2.0, HD -Audio, RGB lighting inserts: 2 × 3.5 & quot;/2.5 & quot; (internal)
2 × 2.5 & quot; (internal) Extension slots: 4 fans: front: 2 × 140/120 mm (2 × 120 mm included)
rear: 1 × 140/120 mm (1 × 120 mm included)
lid: 2 × 120 mm (optional) front: 2 × 140/120 mm (optional)
rear: 1 × 140/120 mm (1 × 120 mm included) Dust filter: cover, front, power supply front, power supply compatibility: CPU cooler: 200 mm
GPU: 340 mm
Power supply: Unlimited CPU cooler: 180 mm
GPU: 320 mm
Power supply: 180 mm Price: – from 88 €