Penalty rebates for young adults should be abolished


Published July 21, 2021 at 11:57 AM

Domestic. The government now wants to remove the penalty reduction, the so-called penalty discount, for people aged 18-20 in the case of serious crime.

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The proposal means that young adults who commit serious crimes will be sentenced to longer prison terms. These include robbery, aggravated assault, rape and aggravated armed robbery. It is not reasonable that persons who are 18 years of age and who commit serious crimes regularly have their sentences reduced by half. In the case of serious crimes, society must be able to react forcefully and a criminal lifestyle must be interrupted in time. These proposals represent a real step in that direction, says Minister of Justice and Migration Morgan Johansson (S).

He presented the proposal at a press conference on Wednesday.

In the legal advice, the government proposes that the penalty reduction for young adults is abolished if the crime has a minimum sentence of imprisonment for a year or more. The same shall apply to offenses which in the individual case should be punished by imprisonment for at least one year, even if the minimum sentence of the offense is lower.

Nor shall stronger reasons than normal be required to sentence a young adult to imprisonment . The same punishment as for other adults should also be punishable, for example life imprisonment.

Furthermore, it is proposed that certain serious crimes, such as murder or rape of children, should not be statute-barred if the crime was committed by someone who turned 18.

The proposals are part of the government's 34-point program against gang crime.

The amendments to the law are proposed to enter into force on 1 January 2022.