Mercedes EQG, the electric off-road vehicle could debut at the Monaco Motor Show


At the Munich Motor Show to be held; at the beginning of September, Mercedes will reveal & agrave; the new electric EQE, a highly anticipated model that plays an important role in the electrification strategy of the German brand. However, some rumors coming directly from Germany state that the concept of the electric G-Class could also be presented at the Show, which many already have; they call EQG . It should be a prototype and therefore not a production ready version but if the manufacturer really intends to show the EQG concept, it will be; interesting to discover its technical specifications.


That Mercedes can choose the Monaco Motor Show to present this concept does not seem strange. In fact, it is expected to announce plans to make AMG, Maybach and G-Class a & # 39; single & quot; division & quot; there. Therefore, it would make perfect sense to show the prototype of the electric off-road vehicle as well. This model has been talked about for some time, especially since the manufacturer admitted plans to make the G-Class electric.

According to some rumors, the vehicle should rest on the current endothermic model platform, modified to integrate the electric powertrain. It will not be therefore, one of the platforms that Mercedes has created for its new battery-powered cars is used. The design shouldn't differ much from the current one. There will probably be only a few changes to the front where it will stand out. a closed grille given the absence of the internal combustion engine.

Surely, the EQG will adopt & agrave; a scheme with double electric motor. There will be; obviously all-wheel drive. According to some patents that emerged a few months ago, two variants of the electric off-road vehicle called & quot; EQG 580 & quot; should be proposed. and & quot; EQG 560 & quot; . The most popular version powerful it is said that it could have 385 kW and a 108 kWh battery for a range of around 500 km. The production model should arrive in 2022 or 2023. Obviously this is speculation as Mercedes has not shared any technical details. All that remains is to be patient a little more; than a month to find out if the German manufacturer will really reveal & agrave; the concept of his EQG.

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