Lightyear One, the production of the solar car will start? in the summer of 2022


New step forward for the debut of Lightyear One, the innovative electric car that is also recharged through the energy of the Sun since it can & ograve; count on 5 square meters of solar panels placed along the roof and hood. Lightyear has in fact announced that it has signed a letter of intent with Valmet Automotive for the production of its battery-powered cars. Valmet Automotive & egrave; was chosen not only because & eacute; has a long experience in the automotive field but also because & eacute; & egrave; involved in the development and production of electric vehicles for over 10 years. It also has its own battery production line.

The first prototypes will be built in January 2022. The actual production of the Lightyear One will begin & agrave; since the summer of 2022 . Deliveries will start, of course, immediately after. Thanks to this agreement, Lightyear will be & agrave; able to keep the goal of putting his car on the road next year. In the meantime, development work continues on the car to further refine its technology.


Recently, the manufacturer shared the results of a test in which the Lightyear One had proven its worth. potential covering a distance of 441 miles (710 km) with a & quot; full & quot; of energy at a speed; of 52 miles per hour (approximately 83-84 km/h). The test took place at the Aldenhoven Testing Center in Germany. According to what was communicated, consumption had stood at 137 Wh/miles (the battery is 60 kWh). The solar panels had made it possible to obtain 3.4 kWh of energy equal to a range of about 25 miles (40 km).

Now that the partner for the production of the car is; been identified, Lightyear will be able to & agrave; focus on further improving the efficiency of its model and completing the tests necessary to obtain homologation. A total of 946 examples of the car will be built. The price & egrave; of 150 thousand euros , excluding taxes. The vehicle will be equipped with tires specially developed by Bridgestone.


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