Honda open to new alliances to reduce electricity costs


The goal of Honda is; to get to market only electric vehicles by 2040. The investments needed to electrify an entire range of cars are certainly important. For this, the Japanese car manufacturer & egrave; open to possible new alliances that allow to reduce costs and make electricity profitable. The opening to possible collaborations with other manufacturers comes from the new CEO of the brand, Toshihiro Mibe .

If through a Honda alliance it can be; realize soon there & ograve; that needs to be done, then we would be willing to form an alliance.


According to Reuters, this statement reflects the pressure on the auto industry to share technologies and costs to meet the demand for low-polluting vehicles. The CEO did not mention names and therefore is not; clear if Honda is somehow negotiating with some manufacturers to carry out a project related to the construction of electric cars. A possible new collaboration agreement would not be too different from the one that already has; c & # 39; & egrave; with General Motors .

The Japanese brand, in fact, will be able to & agrave; to use GM's Ultium technology to make two battery-powered SUVs that will be launched in the coming years in America. One will be brought to the debut with the Acura brand. In any case, Honda is also working on its own electric platform called e: Architecture which should debut in 2025.

Returning to the statements of the CEO, Mibe also added that a possible alliance would be important because it would allow an increase in the number of electric vehicles at a time when prices are still high. But there is also a novelty; interesting about the source of the batteries even if, at the moment, the details are missing. The CEO only said that his company could differentiate itself from other automakers by using next-generation accumulators .

In any case, Honda sees the advent of the new generation. electrification as an opportunity to review its product range and improve profitability. However, alone does not seem to be able to achieve the economies of scale necessary to make the realization of more; electric models. For this, he left the door open for possible new partners. At this point, all that remains is to wait for the next moves of the Japanese car manufacturer.

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