Here are the results of the feasibility study at Estonia


Published July 20, 2021 at 1:21 pm

Domestic. The Estonian Accident Investigation Board today presented the results of the feasibility study carried out at Estonia's cemetery.

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Estonia Disaster

  • Estonia -sonar was disturbed by & quot; unknown & quot; actor under the surface
  • New pictures of the hole in Estonia that the investigators & quot; missed & quot; 1994
  • Stunning find when Estonia is filmed despite Swedish protests
  • More cracks found in Estonia's hull
  • & quot; Interrogate Persson and Bildt about the darkening & quot;

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The short feasibility study has given rise to spectacular news. It first turned out that the bow ramp has been completely loosened – something that must have been done after the notable & shy; documentary & shy; series about Estonia was recorded in 2019.

In addition, it turned out that an “unknown” actor had performed a disturbance operation below the water surface on Tuesday, which led to the sonar & shy; investigation of the wreck having to be interrupted.

The data collected during the feasibility study is described as extensive and, according to the Swedish Accident Investigation Board, needs to be processed and analyzed before definite conclusions can be drawn.

This work is estimated to take about three months. The results will then be published and they will also form the basis for decisions on further investigative measures.

However, some findings can be made already now, according to the Accident Investigation Board:

* The two holes filmed by documentary filmmakers, one of which was shown in the acclaimed documentary series, have been confirmed and documented with scanning zones and a camera. Adjacent to the holes are a number of cracks in the hull and between the holes there is a longer indentation in the hull which is estimated to be just over 20 meters long.

* Part of the wreck is in very soft clay. There are also parts of the bottom near the wreck with rocks, hard bottom and mountains in the day. Whether it was important for the occurrence of the two holes in the hull that has been inspected is considered too early to say. The ROV investigation with camera confirmed that the ship's bow ramp was no longer in place but has been detached from its hinge brackets and is now on the side, leaving an opening into the ship's car deck.

* Other damage to the ship has also documented. There are, among other things, “deformations on the stern that may correspond to the stern hitting the bottom first”, according to the Accident Investigation Board.