Cars and music, Mercedes? the manufacturer pi? & quot; catchy & quot; according to an investigation


Thousands of texts were analyzed to find out which one is; the manufacturer mentioned above; often by musicians from all over the world. The survey conducted by embraces a combination that has been going hand in hand for decades.

At the beginning the car was synonymous with freedom; and was cited for this, then, in recent decades, & egrave; became a symbol of wealth, especially when the explosion of rap made it the protagonist of the lyrics of many music tracks produced around the world. Of course some houses have become more and more; popular than others, so the survey wanted to establish which is the automobile manufacturer that musicians of all musical genres have entered more & ugrave; often in their own compositions, and what were the bands or artists to quote most; frequently the world of cars.

Before starting, a few hints about methodology in order to explain any quirks you might encounter below. For the list of major car manufacturers one & egrave; drawn from Wikipedia and Statista, while from for the database and the lyrics of the songs excluding from the count all those brands with ambiguous names such as Jaguar (jaguar in English), Dodge (trick), Lincoln (ambiguous for Abraham Lincoln) and Genesis (genesis); re-entered the survey for & ograve; the slang nicknames often used in place of the manufacturer's real name.


In first place among the most mentioned car manufacturers; often in music there is Mercedes Benz with quotations in pi & ugrave; of 16 thousand songs among those contained in the huge database of, with the German rapper Kollegah who & egrave; turned out to be the most & ugrave; fond of the cars of the Star with 33 songs. Second, probably a little bit surprise in the light of popularity; in the world of rap, Lamborghini who & egrave; present in pi & ugrave; of 9,546 lyrics, 18 of which are by Indonesian pop rock group Noah formerly known as Peterpan. Close the ranks of the Bentley podium, with over 8,000 songs with at least one mention: the record holders are the American hip-hop trio Migos with 16 songs.

To occupy the fourth line there Ferrari (which will soon unveil a new SUV), and as Italians, as for Lamborghini, on this occasion you can't; hide a minimum of surprise and perhaps even regret for one of the most important brands; winning and iconic in the world. But in this case the & quot; competition & quot; & egrave; in popularity, not sporting, therefore & egrave; more simple to send down & ugrave; a placement not top of the class: the Maranello house is mentioned in 7,212 songs 17 of which are by Kollegah, the German rapper who was a record holder of Mercedes. In the list also stands out the position of Tesla , the ninth largest car manufacturer; quoted to the world that certainly does not stand out for the absolute performance but for the fact that not even twenty years after its foundation it is already; among the most always mentioned, putting manufacturers with over a hundred years of history off the list.

style=clearp left The overview of the Italians in the ranking is; completed by Maserati in twelfth place and by Fiat, penultimate with at least one mention in almost 500 tracks, however two more; by Aston Martin who, on the other hand, has the task of closing the ranking of the winds.


The ranking that ranks bands and musicians more & ugrave; engaged in citing the car manufacturers in their songs & egrave; led by Jul , French rapper born in 1990 active since 2010 who mentions at least one producer in 113 of his songs. Do not ask him for & ograve; which are the cars he prefers, why & eacute; the answer would be all too obvious having mentioned Audi in 34 of his lyrics on, among others.

At one length away there & # 39; & egrave; Kollegah , which occurs for the third time in the survey: 112 texts in which at least one car manufacturer is mentioned, but on top of all, as mentioned above, there is; Mercedes (33) even if it doesn't disdain to rhyming Ferrari (17).

To complete the & quot; podium & quot; c & # 39; & egrave; a trio at a considerable distance from the former, Migos, which mentions car manufacturers on 68 occasions, then J & ouml; & iacute; Fab & uuml; with 67. Finally & quot; only & quot; fifth Lil Wayne , a stars and stripes rapper with a global success also (in part) due to Bentley who is mentioned in 11 of the 58 songs in which he mentions a manufacturer.

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