Samsung The Wall 2021: Micro-LED modules are half as deep and twice as fast


Samsung is expanding its range of micro-LED solution “The Wall” with a new generation of modules for corporate customers that have a reduced installation depth, use smaller micro-LEDs and up to 120 Hz support. The modules are designed for digital signage and enable areas of over 1,000 inches with 16K.

Micro LEDs are tiny, self-illuminating RGB LEDs that are positioned next to each other and are responsible for displaying the image. With traditional screens apart from OLED, LEDs are only used for background lighting, where in the current mini-LED generation they are built in particularly large numbers for a finer resolution within the zones of full array local dimming. With the even smaller micro-LEDs with RGB subpixels, these units reproduce the image themselves.

The Wall is also available as a television

At Samsung, the technology is sold under the brand name “The Wall” and is aimed primarily at corporate customers for digital signage as well as professional interior decorators in the luxury segment who use it to create digital screens in luxury residences or on yachts. For the well-heeled end customer, the TV series simply called “Micro LED” also offers ready-made solutions in 99 and 110 inches with 4K, whereby the larger model costs around 130,000 euros in South Korea.

New” The Wall “for corporate customers

For corporate customers, Samsung has now presented the 2021 generation of “The Wall”, which is being sold under the model name “IWA”. This means that support for AI-supported image processing with upscaling up to 8K and refresh rates of 120 instead of 60 Hz is also available for corporate customers who hang up these screens in the entrance halls of large office buildings, exhibition grounds or airports.

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Samsung The Wall 2021
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Samsung The Wall 2021

Samsung also declares that “Ultra Chroma” provide for narrower wavelengths and produce RGB colors that are “twice as pure” compared to last year. The size of each micro-LED is now 40 percent smaller than the 2020 model, which should ensure a higher contrast and improved uniformity of the image.

Advertisements more than 1,000 inches wide possible

The brightness of the micro LEDs is advertised as being up to 1,600 cd/m². According to Samsung, 120 Hz is supported for resolutions up to 8K, but configurations with up to 16K horizontal resolution (15,360 × 2,160) are also possible. Because “The Wall” is made up of several modules that can be freely combined not only as a classic 16: 9 rectangle, particularly wide signage with more than 1,000 inches (25.4 m) is possible.

The new modules of the IWA generation can already be found on the product page for “The Wall”. The images also show that the modules have been reduced in depth by half. For the first time, the segments can be docked together without cables and can be installed straight, concave, convex, on the ceiling, hanging, inclined and in an L-shape. Settings only need to be made for one module, which then automatically adopts them for the entire setup.

Modules measure 806.4 × 453.6 × 36.5 mm

At the start of the new series, Samsung is offering the modules as IW016 with 1.68 mm pixel pitch, 1,000/1,400 cd/m² (max/peak) and a contrast of 21,000: 1 and as IW012A with 1.26 mm pixel pitch. 800/1,600 cd/m² (max/peak) and a contrast of 24,000: 1. The first module measures 806.4 × 453.6 × 36.5 mm and offers 480 × 270 micro-LEDs, the other with a smaller pixel pitch has 640 × 360 micro-LEDs with the same size. Samsung is planning a variant called IW008A with a pixel pitch of just 0.84 mm and thus an even higher resolution for the same size for the third quarter.

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Micro-LED module IW012A
Micro-LED-Module IW012A
Micro-LED module IW012A
Micro-LED module IW012A
Micro-LED module IW012A
Micro-LED-Modul IW012A
Already available in the micro-LED home theater

It should also be noted that the improvements mentioned are now being used in the modules for digital signage, but are basically not entirely new at Samsung. With the IW008R model especially for use at home (R = Residence) as a digital cinema screen, there is already a module that has a resolution of 960 × 540 micro LEDs and thus one pixel on 806.4 × 453.6 × 29.9 mm Pitch of 0.84 mm. These modules are also designed for 120 Hz and even achieve a peak of 2,000 cd/m². The permanent maximum brightness is only given as 250 cd/m², which shows the advantages of the new commercial product.