Leasys Miles, in the canon? Also included is a Nilox electric scooter


Leasys Miles & egrave; a long-term rental formula & quot; Pay Per Use & quot ;. In detail, customers will be able to rent a car for 48 months, without having to pay an advance. The formula then provides a monthly fee to which is added a variable quota calculated on the basis of the kilometers actually traveled. The first 1,000 km of the rental are included in the rent. The distance is detected through a device installed on board called T-Box Mopar Connect.

Mobility is changing and in the city centers they are spreading more and more; means of transport such as electric scooters that simplify travel, especially where traffic & egrave; heavily congested. For this, Leasys, has decided to expand its long-term rental offer, including within the fee also an electric scooter from Nilox with up to 25 km of autonomy .


Customers, for the cos & igrave; said last mile , they will be able to use this vehicle instead of their car. For example, they will be able to leave the car in a parking lot and travel the very last part of the journey to reach the place of work or engagement with the electric scooter, without further impacting city traffic.

However, it should be noted that this novelty & egrave; available only for those who stipulate & agrave; a new Leasys Miles contract starting today. Thanks to the Home delivery service, the electric scooter will be able to be delivered directly to the customer's home. Let's take an example of a Leasys Miles subscription.

Leasys CarCloud Electric New Fiat 500 subscription subscription Amazon Marketplace 199 & euro; See offer

For those who want the new electric 500, & egrave; a fee of 279 euros is foreseen for 48 months. No advance and the first 1,000 km are already; included. Subsequently, in addition to the fee, you will go & agrave; to pay a variable monthly fee of € 0.18 per km actually traveled. More information directly on the Leasys website.

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