Entry-level solutions: Rumors of the new Ryzen and Athlon based on Renoir


For the entry-level market, AMD could soon rely on Zen 2 again, with new Ryzen and Athlons coming soon. The A1 stepping in the listing of the USB-IF allows the assumption that this is the Renoir APU chip, the nomenclature in the 4000 series also speaks for it.

In the entry-level market, AMD chips have recently become extremely quiet. Old solutions were hardly available any more, each new variant was sold as a significantly higher-priced CPU or APU. The AMD Ryzen 3 3300X and 3100 (test) presented a year ago were sold out within a short time after their launch, and very few supplies came in. At Athlons it looks even worse.

Entry at USB-IF (picture: USB-IF)

The listings show that AMD may bring new solutions for this market. The Ryzen 5 4500 in particular could be interesting, it should offer six cores. Four cores are hardly acceptable in gaming PCs in mid-2021. Whether the models will come, or their specifications, is still completely unknown, in the past USB-IF often listed CPUs that did not reach the market.