Cross Play & Cross Save: Warframe wants to bring players together


Digital Extremes is working on connecting players across platforms in the free-to-play shooter Warframe. In the end, it should be possible to play together on all systems, from Nintendo Switch to PC to Xbox and PlayStation consoles. The developers also want to decouple game progress from platforms.

This also includes the upcoming mobile version of Warframe, announced the studio on its own online “TennoCon” – Event known. For a free-to-play game, such a move is of uncanny importance.

With this business model, it is important to make access to the game as easy as possible for players, because longer playing times increase the likelihood of purchases in the in-game shop – which is due to the The ability to continue playing from anywhere is clearly encouraged. Warframe is one of those free-to-play games that have found a way of monetization that players consider fair.

Warframe's journey is clearly leading Digital Extremes in 2021 towards a game that exists as a thing in itself, independent of hardware. This reflects the development that the industry is taking with the increase in game subscriptions and streaming in general: the video game is increasingly ignoring platforms, hardware is slowly becoming a universal playback device.