Bosch, new mode? Tour + for your eBikes


Bosch aims to make even better the pedaling experience of its eBikes equipped with the electric motor Performance Line CX (from the 2020 model with front derailleur). In fact, the company has announced the arrival of the new mode; tour + which is; already available starting this July. Compatible bikes will only have to do an upgrade of the motor at a Bosch center in order to have it available.

This new mode; & egrave; designed to offer cyclists a dynamic and continuous support depending on the use of force. This way they can focus exclusively on the journey without having to constantly change the level of assistance. Tour + adapts to your driving style automatically, on all types of routes, optimally dosing the engine power and always offering a natural pedaling sensation. In order to always offer the right level of assistance, the engine uses the data coming from the sensors, plus; of 1,000 times per second. The level of support varies continuously and dynamically between modes. of Eco and Turbo driving .

The new mode & agrave; Tour + also saves energy all to the advantage of autonomy on long journeys. By setting it, in fact, cyclists will pedal with an intensity slightly higher on flat roads than in the usual mode; Tour. Increasing a little the power of pedaling, this new mode & agrave; of running therefore allows to consume less energy. Claus Fleischer , CEO of Bosch eBike Systems, comments:

With the mode & agrave; Tour + guide, eBikers willing to use some more of energy and pedaling with greater intensity; get a comfort-oriented level of support optimized for autonomy. There is no need to switch between modes on the other, the pilot can devote yourself fully to your eBike driving experience and enjoy maximum fun. The system offers some support more moderate on flat and easy stretches to allow for higher mileage. If necessary, the support is adapted according to the pedal pressure, to overcome slopes.


Overall, therefore, cyclists will be able to use the following modes: Eco, Tour +, Tour, eMTB and Turbo. This novelty demonstrates how it is possible to work on the optimization of the operation even of small eBike motors to improve the pedaling experience through different mappings. The thing even more; important & egrave; that the new map is not; available only on new bikes but also on those already; existing, as long as you have the & quot; right & quot; engine.

An advantage that closely resembles those of modern cars with support for OTA updates. Updates that improve the functions of the vehicle also offering, in some cases, an increase in autonomy thanks to the introduction of various optimizations to the engine.

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