Weekly review and outlook: Valve's attack on the Switch and Nokia's Burner-Phone


No graphics card, no processor and also no game benchmarks came first in the tests with the most hits in the last week, but a Nokia feature phone for 40 euros . In terms of news, on the other hand, Valve is ahead of the game with the surprising announcement of the Steam Deck handheld PCThe Nokia 110 4G feature phone (test) is currently the cheapest LTE phone in Germany alongside the Nokia 105 at just 40 euros, but is primarily only suitable for calls and SMS. You can type an SMS with T9 on the Nokia 110, but you have to do without modern messengers like WhatsApp. In return, you get a standby battery life of up to two weeks. If you are looking for a feature phone with more messaging functions, you will find it for around 70 euros.

Second place went to the retro article from the past weekend, which, under the title “From Amiga to Zelda: Which are the best video games of all time?”, Aims to answer exactly this question in a reader survey. The evaluation takes a little longer than planned due to the very high participation.

Most read tests & amp; Reports

  1. Test

    Nokia 110 4G The modern burner phone for 40 euros

    186 comments Nicolas La Rocco 100%

  2. Retro

    From Amiga to Zelda Update 3 Which are the best video games of all time?

    759 comments Sven Bauduin 93%

  3. Test

    Radeon RX 6800M Update AMD's fastest mobile RDNA-2 graphics card in the benchmark

    91 comments Jan-Frederik Timm 72%

  4. Test

    F1 2021 update frenzy with high FPS and optional ray tracing

    129 comments Wolfgang Andermahr 63%

  5. Test

    Razer Blade 14 Ryzen with 70 and GeForce RTX with 100 W in the smallest of spaces

    43 comments Jan-Frederik Timm 34%

  6. < li class = "article"> Test

    Aver Media MIC 330 & amp; Nexus micro mixer kit for streamers and podcasters

    40 comments Michael Schäfer 29%

  7. Test

    Virtuoso RGB Wireless XT Corsair's high-priced headset scores with processing

    72 comments Michael Schäfer 28%

  8. Retro

    In the test 15 years ago The absolute price-performance tip GeForce 7600 GST

    70 comments Robert McHardy 21%

In last week's news, the announcement of Valve's Steam Deck came first. A handheld with Zen 2 and RDNA 2 from 419 euros is the company's next attempt at hardware as the basis for its own software platform Steam, after the now abandoned Steam Machines. Pre-ordering of the three differently equipped variants started on Friday evening, which was also not without problems at Valve – the order and payment process often failed because the servers were overloaded. At the beginning of December, the first customers will be able to hold their steam deck weighing around 700 grams in their hands. Even if the exterior of the mobile console is clearly reminiscent of the Switch, Valve primarily appeals to enthusiasts. Valve will not endanger the success of the Switch either.

Just after that, the message about the pirated version of Resident Evil Village lands, which is cracked and runs more smoothly than the original. The copy protection is responsible for the clear difference, which is used again and again in the original and causes the animations to jerk. Capcom has since announced that there will be a patch as soon as possible that will solve the problems on the PC.

Most read news & amp; Notes

  1. 1 Steam Deck Valve presents handheld with Zen 2 and RDNA 2 from 419 euros 100%
  2. 2 Resident Evil Village pirated copy runs better than legitimate copy 99%
  3. 3 Mining on game consoles Ukraine takes more than 3,800 PlayStation 4 from the network 86%
  4. 4 AMD CPU rumors Raphael stays with 16 cores, but gets 170 watts 67%
  5. 5 MagSafe battery iPhone 12 takes external battery for 109 euros piggyback 65%
  6. 6 Art meets graphics cards Nvidia presents three unique GeForce RTX 3080 55%
  7. 7 Impending bankruptcy China's major offensive in the semiconductor market is shaking 52%
  8. 8 EasyNAS 1.0.0 NAS operating system based on openSUSE 49%

In the coming week ComputerBase will not just have a look at Huawei's HarmonyOS at Huawei Throw Watch 3 Pro, but also once again illuminate Nvidia's DLSS, this time in Red Dead Redemption 2.

With this reading material in his luggage, d he editors have a relaxing Sunday!