Here the left is fighting for the right to show its penis in the ladies' shower


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Published July 18, 2021 at 12:51 pm

Abroad. It became violent when left-wing extremists in Los Angeles attacked people who demonstrated against a spa allowing naked men to show the penis to girls and women in the women's ward. It reports The Post Millennial.

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It caused a great stir for a couple of weeks when a group of female guests at the Wi Spa in Los Angeles protested against the fact that a man who claimed to be “transsexual” was allowed to stay in the women's ward.

A video from the incident showed one of the women shouting at the staff.

– So it's okay for a man to go into the women's ward, show his penis to the women, young little girls – minors – at your spa? Wi Spa is tolerant of that, is that what you say? asked the woman.

When the employee tried to answer and said something about “sexual orientation”, the woman became more upset.

– Which orientation? I see a snot! It shows me that he's a man. He is a man. He is a man. He's not a woman, she said.

On Saturday, a group of religious and feminists in Koreatown, Los Angeles, demonstrated against the spa allowing naked men in the women's ward.

However, they were attacked by black-clad left-wing extremists from the AFA, writes The Post Millennial.

< Films from the demonstration show, among other things, how a man is attacked by left-wing extremists with an umbrella. The man is protected by the police, however.

– You are damn lucky that there were pigs, one of the left-wing extremists shouts at the man.

“Genitals have nothing to do with sex”
Another video shows how left-wing extremists hold a skateboard to the face of a protester while an AFA woman explains that “genitals have nothing to do with sex”.

A woman who is upset about the penises in the women's ward is sprayed and get things thrown at them by the black-clad left-wing activists.

The left then surrounded police on the spot and chanted that “all cops are pigs” and the like.

When the left-wing activists fired projectiles and threw smoke bombs riots broke out against the police.

Police eventually managed to disperse the AFA mob, writes The Post Millennial.