Founder: “Do not trust Wikipedia”


Published 18 July 2021 at 17.01

Media. The left turn of Wikipedia has now gone so far that no one should trust what is written in the digital encyclopedia. That's what Wikipedia founder Larry Sanger says, reports the Daily Mail.

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Larry Sanger – who co-founded Wikipedia in 2001 with Jimmy Wales – comes up with the harsh criticism in an interview with the site Unherd.

Already last year, Sanger caused a stir when he in a blog posts stated that Wikipedia's neutrality policy is now “dead” because the content on the site is so politically rigid.

Also on Swedish Wikipedia, there is a group of left-wing activists who angle the content of articles concerning political issues to the detriment of their opponents. Because right-wingers do not have the strength to create accounts on the site and oppose this, left-wing activists can continue the behavior.

Larry Sanger tells Unherd that he no longer trusts the encyclopedia he once created himself.

< Left-wing activists have distorted English-language Wikipedia to the point that many articles can now be considered pure propaganda, he states.

When asked if one can trust the encyclopedia, he answers:

can trust Wikipedia to give you a reliable establishment point of view on almost anything.

Sanger takes as an example how articles about left-wing politicians like Joe Biden are cleaned up on critical tasks and the Republicans' perspective shines with its absence. Articles about right-wing politicians like Donald Trump are, however, full of criticism from a left-wing perspective.

The corruption scandal surrounding Joe Biden's son Hunter can hardly be read about at all on Wikipedia, the founder further points out.

– The little that you find is extremely angled and sounds like a letter from a defense lawyer.

Sanger says that there are actually a lot of Republicans who use Wikipedia and would like to go in and create more balance in the articles . But they are stopped by the left-wing activist administrators.

– It is quite remarkable given that the policy of neutrality still applies.

Larry Sanger adds:

– If only version of the truth is allowed, it provides a huge incentive for rich and powerful people to take control of such things as Wikipedia to strengthen their power. And they do.