Concerns among car owners when E10 is introduced on 1 August


Published July 17, 2021 at 13.09

Domestic. Many motorists are worried about the new E10 fuel that will be introduced on 1 August. The fuel will be the new standard petrol, thus replacing the current 95-octane petrol.

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E10 contains up to ten percent ethanol instead of five percent as the current standard gasoline. By gradually increasing the proportion of ethanol in petrol, authorities and politicians hope to reduce fossil carbon emissions into the atmosphere, which is considered good for the climate.

But many car owners fear that an increasing proportion of ethanol in petrol will wear more or less and even destroy the car's engine. Others point out that a car that runs on petrol with a higher ethanol content consumes more fuel, which becomes more expensive and counteracts climate benefits. technical knowledge “, comments one man. “The car pulls more and gets tougher”, writes another.

One of those participating in the debate is 22-year-old Jonas Hammar in Stockholm. He warns that not all cars can withstand the new E10 petrol.

– I have a car that does not withstand the E10 fuel. A Toyota Avensis from 2007, he tells Fria Tider.

– I have to refuel the 98-octane E5 fuel now because they have introduced the E10.

Bil Sweden has produced a list of all cars that do not tolerate the new E10 fuel.