BLM support for Cuban regime during antisocialist protests


Published July 17, 2021 at 2.35pm

Abroad. Black lives matter expresses support for the Cuban regime in a criticized post on Instagram. The background is the anti-socialist demonstrations that are currently shaking Cuba.

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It was last Sunday that two demonstrations were organized in two different places in Cuba in protest against the country's communist regime. The protests attracted more and more people, and the next day protests were held in more than 20 different cities with thousands of participants.

The demonstrators sing and chant slogans such as “freedom”, “down with communism” and “we are not afraid” . Demonstrations in support of the Cuban protesters have also been held in several places around the world.

The Cuban protesters are dissatisfied with the way the country is governed. The dissatisfaction has been catalyzed by the fact that Cuba's economy has been hit particularly hard as a result of the corona pandemic and the situation in Venezuela, Cuba's most important trading partner in Latin America.

BLM support for the regime
On Thursday chose the anti-white Black lives matter movement to express its support for the Cuban regime in a post on its official Instagram account. They blame the situation in Cuba and the unrest in the country on the United States.

The United States has “imposed pain and suffering on the Cuban people” and: and their self-determination “, it is stated in the statement, among other things. BLM also takes the opportunity to praise Cuba's healthcare system.

The US sanctions and attempts to maintain a trade embargo against Cuba have a negative effect on the country's economy, even if the embargo is not directed at supplies such as food and medicine.

BLM's proposal is controversial even among its own supporters and arouses a lot of criticism. Many believe that the organization should withdraw the statement.