Right-wing government in extra elections


Published June 18, 2021 at 7.15 pm

Politics. Sweden would have a right-wing government if an extra election were held today. It appears from a recent opinion poll from SvD/Sifo.

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The reason for the right turn is above all that the support for both the Green Party and the Liberals is currently so low that both parties would leave the Riksdag. At the same time, support for the Social Democrats decreases somewhat.

Instead, more voters are voting, not least the Sweden Democrats. The party increases from 18.8 percent to 20.2 percent, which is a larger increase than for any other party. The Moderates also receive slightly increased voter support.

The Moderates, Sweden Democrats and Christian Democrats would together receive 47.7 percent of the vote if an extra election were held today.

It can be compared with 45.3 percent for the Social Democrats, the Center Party and the Left Party in the red-green liberal government cooperation.

A preliminary distribution of seats would give the three right-wing parties 179 seats against 170 seats for the left parties.

At ten o'clock on Monday, the Riksdag will vote on a motion of censure against the government. If Prime Minister Stefan Löfven is forced to resign, it could lead to an extra election being announced.

Svd/Sifo's survey was conducted between 7 and 17 June 2021 and about 1,000 people were interviewed about their voter sympathies. Results below. Voter support in the last poll in brackets.

  • Social Democrats: 25.8 (26.9)
  • Moderates: 22.4 (21.7)
  • Sweden Democrats: 20.2 (18.8)
  • Center Party: 9.9 (9.3)
  • Left Party: 9.6 (9.6)
  • < li> Christian Democrats: 5.1 (5.2)

  • Green Party: 3.5 (4.0)
  • Liberals: 2.3 (2.9)