A woman in a wheelchair was not allowed to order wine


Published June 18, 2021 at 12.33

Domestic. There was discrimination when a restaurant in southern Stockholm refused to serve wine to a woman in a wheelchair. The Solna District Court states this in a judgment.

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It was in the afternoon in March 2018 that the woman visited the restaurant in a shopping center in southern Stockholm.

She tried to order a glass of wine but according to the DO, who pursued the goal, “only averting hand signals and shaking of the head in response. “

After several unsuccessful attempts to order, the woman asked to speak to the restaurant manager. When she still did not receive any explanation for not being allowed to order, she left the restaurant. The woman was sober at the time.

According to the district court, the DO has with its evidence pointed to circumstances that give reason to assume that there has been a question of discrimination. The district court further writes that the restaurant has not been able to show that it has not discriminated against the woman.

The restaurant must now pay SEK 30,000 in discrimination compensation to the woman.